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aka wah is this really Malaysia’s best food blog 

Foodgazer revolves around an intrepid cabal of explorers who delve into the culinary wilderness of Malaysia to bring you overly verbose ruminations. And occasionally some hidden gems. Like that sandwich place that experiments with cured meats and home pickling. Or that private minibar tucked away in a seemingly abandoned elevator shaft.

More commonly though, we spend our time drinking and sporadically writing about drinking.

Frequently Encountered Queries:

Why no Instagram?

Got la. Follow @foodgazerrr. Facebook also got.

We want you to visit our cafe / restaurant! 

Can. Drop us a Direct Message at our Instagram page (@foodgazerrr) or Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/foodgazer/). You can also email us at ask@foodgazer.com.

We won’t take money/comped meals just to provide a falsely positive review though! We are committed to producing balanced, occasionally thoughtful commentary on the eateries of Bolehland.

What does the name stand for?

It’s a compound word of food, shoegaze (the music genre) and, well, grazing.

Why aren’t there more reviews?

Our house style focuses on reviews that can generate conversation, or at least go a step beyond the typical this-food-good-this-food-not-good review. We’re here to apply semi-rigorous academic thought to the cultural institution of dining (and have some fun while we’re at it)! So we typically take a bit more time (and money and hard work) to refine each piece. Expect to see more frequent updates in the future though, as we build our pipeline.

Eg: our PS 150 review touched on conscious consumerism, the narrative of nostalgia and Malaysia’s cultural cachet. Our dive into PULP featured a slight digression on coffee as a hobby vs a beverage. And for our Chocha post, there were lots of hidden references and interesting articles tucked away within the hyperlinks.

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The Team:

A little peek into the minds that keep this project alive.

WAYNE, Semi-experienced Eater

As chief marketing officer, Wayne spearheads the marketing initiatives and is responsible for building relationships with Foodgazer‘s fans and, uh, peers. Avid proponent of the slow eating movement, as well as fast eating and all the other speeds in between. When not actively foodgazing, Wayne maintains a multitude of lists on film and music on his blog. Oh, and every May, he runs the Malaysian Poetry Writing Month (MaPoWriMo).

YENCH, Foodgae First Mate and Perpetual Glutton

Yench will get around to completing this someday.