Sitka @ Plaza Batai (Kim’s Sitka Takeover)


Sitka is one of our favourite eateries in town. They’ve changed a lot over the past year or two, with increasingly inventive and assured dishes flying out from the capable crew. While we’ll get to their new menu (well, new at the point of tasting) in an upcoming post, this one is a short lookback … Read moreSitka @ Plaza Batai (Kim’s Sitka Takeover)

Palillos (Spanish Yakitori: best yakitori?)

Takeaway: Let’s get it out of the way first: Palillos deserves to be in the conversation for top 3 yakitori joints in KL alongside Torii and Sumika. Sure, we’re only basing that off of two visits – one on the house (many thanks to the gracious hosts and the inexhaustible supply of skewers) and one … Read morePalillos (Spanish Yakitori: best yakitori?)

Toraji @ Isetan Lot 10 (by way of Jaroslav Seifert)


Takeaway: You joined us for our visit to The Tokyo Restaurant before, now join us as we check out Toraji at Isetan Lot 10 in a review structured in similar form to The Poetry of Jaroslav Seifert.   Opening Poem The walls are angular. They are not real walls. Look closer. Look closer and they … Read moreToraji @ Isetan Lot 10 (by way of Jaroslav Seifert)

The Tokyo Restaurant @ Isetan Lot 10

tokyo restaurant

Takeaway: Come here for the cheesecake and stay for the cheesecake. Also, it’s quite a pretty little place to dine at. And some of the dishes may well be worth the visit.   Take the escalators up through Isetan Lot 10 where the top floor beckons with the instantly recognizable sheets of red, draping luxuriously … Read moreThe Tokyo Restaurant @ Isetan Lot 10

Menya Shi Shi Do – Sri Petaling’s neighbourhood ramen joint

menya shi shi

Takeaway: October 2017 update: Menya Shi Shi Do has closed down its outpost in Sri Petaling. Head to Menya Hanabi for great mazesoba and decent shio if you’re in Sri P. For the best tonkotsu ramen, get the kuro black garlic from Menya Shi Shi Do in Jaya One.   You’re in Sri Petaling. You’re … Read moreMenya Shi Shi Do – Sri Petaling’s neighbourhood ramen joint

Proof Pizza @ APW – Third Time Lucky

In discussing, digesting and dissecting the Malaysian food scene, us Foodgazers take several sweeping statements to stand as self-evident truths. Chief amongst them is the fundamental belief that the average Malaysian establishment will fluctuate erratically in the quality of its food – and in general, trend downwards over time. Which is all to say that … Read moreProof Pizza @ APW – Third Time Lucky

When the cheese is divine and so is the wine – that’s Sapore


Historically, wine has long been a staple of many cultures of diverging backgrounds. Often times more sanitary than the local water supply, it was more practical to sip on this fortified grape juice than risk dysentery or other disease. Plus it came with the added benefit of intoxication, which is pretty handy all things considered. … Read moreWhen the cheese is divine and so is the wine – that’s Sapore

Sebastian’s Gastro Bar – Venezuelan Persuasion


Takeaway: Looks dingy but don’t be fooled – prepare yourself for some culinary delights here. Sebastian’s brings South America to Malaysia in a delicious manner, and it’s one of our favourite little finds.   Sebastian’s sits unassumingly down the row from the more famous occupants of Persiaran Ampang. The facade is a glass and wood … Read moreSebastian’s Gastro Bar – Venezuelan Persuasion