Fifth Palate @ Encorp Strand Mall, Post-Merdeka

Fifth Palate

Takeaway: We tried the seasonal menu at Fifth Palate (no longer available) as well as another dish from their ordinary menu and were impressed enough to recommend this place as a go-to cafe destination. For food, at least! And particularly if you’re in the area.   In today’s review, we look at a number of … Read moreFifth Palate @ Encorp Strand Mall, Post-Merdeka

Ziffy Cafe @ Sunway Nexis Mall, Kota Damansara

Takeaway: Ziffy pairs a pun-packed menu with dishes of varying levels of promise, all plated quite prettily. It’s another in the long line of Klang Valley’s ongoing cafe offerings and may well merit a visit if you’re in the area. We didn’t have anything spectacular during our visit but we do hope they continue working … Read moreZiffy Cafe @ Sunway Nexis Mall, Kota Damansara

Quartet @ Nusentral (Consider the Kiosk)

quartet nusentral nu sentral

The moderately enormous, pungent (from commuter secretions), and not-quite marketed NuSentral mall draws crowds in the region of a hundred thousand each day. That number is likely inaccurate, and irrelevant to the point at hand – the point being that NuSentral is a transportation crossroads and not just a standalone generic mall. It features a … Read moreQuartet @ Nusentral (Consider the Kiosk)

J&D Espresso @ Pavilion Elite

Takeaway: J&D Espresso sits quietly at the top of Pavilion Elite and provides a decent post-shopping fuelling station with a generally alright menu – and one delightful pork burger. What’s so elite about Pavilion Elite? Sure, you have COS (probably the best spot for basics at a relatively affordable price point though it’s just that slightly … Read moreJ&D Espresso @ Pavilion Elite

Littlepeople and Big Dreams @ Avantas Residences

Takeaway: Littlepeople serves handmade pasta and rice bowls in the serene setting of the corner lot at Avantas Residences along Old Klang Road. It’s worth a trip to. By the time you read this, Littlepeople will have changed substantially – even as we write these words, they’ve revamped their interiors and their menu. Which I suppose says something … Read moreLittlepeople and Big Dreams @ Avantas Residences

Penang Food Guide : A Foodgazer Compilation

Takeaway: This post includes a whole lot of recommended spots, ranging from must-visit to should-visit to pretty-good. As of 22 October 2017, our current must-visit list is as per below. Please use Ctrl+F to read more about each: Apom Guan (Apom balik) Budan’s Brew (matcha latte, croissant) China House (come here because it’s a fantastic … Read morePenang Food Guide : A Foodgazer Compilation

Chocha @ Chinatown – Bar, food, tea, (former) brothel


Takeaway: As at 22 Oct 2017, Chocha Foodstore is a mixed bag of a cafe. Some dishes were good the last time we tried them (especially the cincalok fried chicken and the cold brewed tea) but others lacked seasoning and spark…and the eye-watering prices added insult to the injury. There’s a neat little bar on … Read moreChocha @ Chinatown – Bar, food, tea, (former) brothel