Palillos (Spanish Yakitori: best yakitori?)

Takeaway: Let’s get it out of the way first: Palillos deserves to be in the conversation for top 3 yakitori joints in KL alongside Torii and Sumika. Sure, we’re only basing that off of two visits – one on the house (many thanks to the gracious hosts and the inexhaustible supply of skewers) and one … Read morePalillos (Spanish Yakitori: best yakitori?)

Toraji @ Isetan Lot 10 (by way of Jaroslav Seifert)


Takeaway: You joined us for our visit to The Tokyo Restaurant before, now join us as we check out Toraji at Isetan Lot 10 in a review structured in similar form to The Poetry of Jaroslav Seifert.   Opening Poem The walls are angular. They are not real walls. Look closer. Look closer and they … Read moreToraji @ Isetan Lot 10 (by way of Jaroslav Seifert)

The Tokyo Restaurant @ Isetan Lot 10

tokyo restaurant

Takeaway: Come here for the cheesecake and stay for the cheesecake. Also, it’s quite a pretty little place to dine at. And some of the dishes may well be worth the visit.   Take the escalators up through Isetan Lot 10 where the top floor beckons with the instantly recognizable sheets of red, draping luxuriously … Read moreThe Tokyo Restaurant @ Isetan Lot 10