Quartet @ Nusentral (Consider the Kiosk)

quartet nusentral nu sentral

The moderately enormous, pungent (from commuter secretions), and not-quite marketed NuSentral mall draws crowds in the region of a hundred thousand each day. That number is likely inaccurate, and irrelevant to the point at hand – the point being that NuSentral is a transportation crossroads and not just a standalone generic mall. It features a … Read moreQuartet @ Nusentral (Consider the Kiosk)

When the cheese is divine and so is the wine – that’s Sapore


Historically, wine has long been a staple of many cultures of diverging backgrounds. Often times more sanitary than the local water supply, it was more practical to sip on this fortified grape juice than risk dysentery or other disease. Plus it came with the added benefit of intoxication, which is pretty handy all things considered. … Read moreWhen the cheese is divine and so is the wine – that’s Sapore

J&D Espresso @ Pavilion Elite

Takeaway: J&D Espresso sits quietly at the top of Pavilion Elite and provides a decent post-shopping fuelling station with a generally alright menu – and one delightful pork burger. What’s so elite about Pavilion Elite? Sure, you have COS (probably the best spot for basics at a relatively affordable price point though it’s just that slightly … Read moreJ&D Espresso @ Pavilion Elite

Littlepeople and Big Dreams @ Avantas Residences

Takeaway: Littlepeople serves handmade pasta and rice bowls in the serene setting of the corner lot at Avantas Residences along Old Klang Road. It’s worth a trip to. By the time you read this, Littlepeople will have changed substantially – even as we write these words, they’ve revamped their interiors and their menu. Which I suppose says something … Read moreLittlepeople and Big Dreams @ Avantas Residences

Sebastian’s Gastro Bar – Venezuelan Persuasion


Takeaway: Looks dingy but don’t be fooled – prepare yourself for some culinary delights here. Sebastian’s brings South America to Malaysia in a delicious manner, and it’s one of our favourite little finds.   Sebastian’s sits unassumingly down the row from the more famous occupants of Persiaran Ampang. The facade is a glass and wood … Read moreSebastian’s Gastro Bar – Venezuelan Persuasion

Penang Food Guide : A Foodgazer Compilation

Takeaway: This post includes a whole lot of recommended spots, ranging from must-visit to should-visit to pretty-good. As of 22 October 2017, our current must-visit list is as per below. Please use Ctrl+F to read more about each: Apom Guan (Apom balik) Budan’s Brew (matcha latte, croissant) China House (come here because it’s a fantastic … Read morePenang Food Guide : A Foodgazer Compilation